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Ethics FAQs


Your project Funder may ask that you address any ethical issues in the application for funding. The University runs a number of research ethics training courses which help you identify the ethical issues which may be posed in your research project, and has produced a guidance document to help you.

If you would like further advice or guidance please contact, Senior Research Ethics Administrator, Research Support, 0113 343 4873 or Alice Temple,, Research Ethics Senior Training & Development Officer, Staff & Departmental Development Unit, 0113 3438705.

The application for funding may ask you about the University process for ethical review, and we advise that you use this standard wording to describe our processes of review, which should be adapted according to whether review is required before the funding is offered, or after funding offered but before project starts:

“Research conducted in the University of Leeds is conducted according to the principles of academic excellence, community, integrity, inclusiveness and professionalism. The University expects high ethical standards of all its researchers and research projects. All research applications which involve human participants, have an impact on the environment or involve any other ethical issues will be subject to the University's ethical review processes. As such, if this funding application is successful then it will be subject to the University of Leeds processes for ethical review. This entails ethical approval by a Faculty level Research Ethics Committee, or delegated authority according to guidance and principles set out by the University Ethical Review Committee. Research which comes within other legislative frameworks, such as the EU Clinical Trials Directive, or the NHS Research Governance Framework, will be reviewed by the appropriate Competent Authority.”

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