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Ethics FAQs


If your research is still ongoing you need to apply for ethical review straight away.

The University’s expectation is that all candidates will have ethical approval in place by the time they reach their viva. Seeking approval at an early stage will strengthen the research design and is the most effective way to ensure ethical standards are in line with those of the University. Candidates who have not obtained ethical approval by this point are strongly encouraged to seek retrospective evaluation of their project by the appropriate FREC. This is particularly important for projects begun from 09-10 or later: in such cases, there will be a strong expectation from external examiners that ethical issues will have been appropriately identified and evaluated. It must be noted that a lack of evidence of appropriate ethical evaluation may delay award; and that a need to seek retrospective evaluation may also delay award - ideally reviews should be carried out as early as possible in the candidature.

For advice contact the Senior Research Ethics Administrator

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