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Ethics FAQs

Answer: Once your project is approved then you will be issued with a letter notifying you of your approval. This should be read thoroughly as the Ethical Review Committee may have offered guidance, or made suggestions on that letter.
The letter will contain a list of documents which were reviewed by the Committee, along with version numbers and dates of those documents. The Committee will keep a copy of those approved documents, and you are expected to keep a copy also.

It may become apparent once you have started your study that it needs to be amended. Changes might include:
  • Changes to the information sheet and consent form;
  • An increase in the number of participants;
  • A different recruitment strategy might be needed.

Changes to already approved projects will need to be re-reviewed by the original Ethics Committee, as the changes may present new ethical issues.

You should contact the Senior Research Ethics Administrator detailing the changes that you want to make, and submitting any revised documentation (e.g. participant information sheet) along with the amendment form.  If the changes are minor then it is likely that the Chair alone will review these, but the changes may require review by the full Faculty Research Ethics Committee.

Once the changes have been reviewed then you will be notified of the decision of the Committee. If the changes are given an unfavourable opinion then you will be required to conduct the study as it was originally approved.

Further information on applying for ethical approval of an amendment

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