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Ethics FAQs

Answer: You will be expected to keep a record of all your approved documentation, as well as documents such as consent forms, and other documents relating to the study. This should be kept in your study file, which should be readily available for audit purposes. The Committee will keep a record of the documentation that they have approved, and any amendments that they have been informed of after approval has been granted. Periodically the Faculty Research Ethics Committee, the University Ethics Committee, or one of its delegates will conduct random “spot check” audits on projects. You will be notified in advance of the date.

The auditors will visit the department and will assess the following:
  • Study documentation and study files;
  • Amendments to the study;
  • Whether the study is being conducted according to what was approved.

After the audit the auditors will report on their findings, you will receive a copy, and a copy will also go to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee, and the Head of School if appropriate. The auditors may make recommendations for change, or recommend re audit after a period of time.
If significant issues are found, such as research misconduct, or any conduct which poses a risk to the University, then the University Ethics Committee will be informed.

Further information on preparing for the ethics audits

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