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There are hundreds of funding sources available to support research activity. Our aim is to provide targeted information about those schemes ( including fellowships, large grants and EU funding) that are most suitable and support people in applying. We always welcome the opportunity to discuss opportunities face to face.

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meet the team

Finding funding
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Finding funding
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Finding funding in the uk

Finding funding

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Research Funding

In the current challenging funding climate it is essential to ensure that both research funding applications from one of the UK’s leading research institutions are fully supported and our research outcomes are effectively publicised. The Research and Innovation Service (RIS) facilitates this through the provision of strategic central support to research and innovation activities across the University.

The Funding Development Team within RIS comprises seven staff who lead on designing and implementing University-wide funding strategies for all public sector funding, covering UK, EU and International streams. It also provides tailored information on relevant opportunities for our academics and provides bespoke support to applicants from conception of the initial idea to submission of a completed bid.

A major element of funding success is alerting academics to funding opportunities and supporting intelligence as early as possible. In the era of digital connectivity, it is important to utilise available social media platforms to both aid in the dissemination of information and to sustain and grow an already expansive communication network.

As such RIS – Public Funding now have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts, a new Wordpress blog and a new area of the RIS website ‘Research Funding’. All of which are dedicated to publicising and promoting research funding opportunities and success stories. So follow, share and link in to the new sites for in depth interviews with academics and researchers, the latest information on UK and European funding and multi-media links to experts, advice and support.

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