RIS Mailing Lists

As part of the Framework for Training and Professionalisation of Research Administrators and Managers, a number of email networks exist to facilitate the sharing of ideas and important issues amongst the research and innovation support community here at Leeds.

There is a network for each faculty which includes any staff outside of the Faculty Research and Innovation Office who have an element of research support in their role; and also a network for all pre-award-related staff across faculties; and one for all post-award related staff across faculties.

All members of the network are invited to use it to share information and best practice with colleagues, and to discuss any important issues, funder developments and queries.

The email networks are also used to distribute information about forthcoming training courses or other events in which you may be interested.

To see more information about the individual lists or to request to join go to 

or to join one of the Faculty research support mailing lists:

To join the RIS professionalisation mailing list: