2013 Presentations


How to improve your networking skills - Rachel Wooley, Jim Baxter.


Changes in EU Research and Innovation Funding from 2014  - Ben Williams.

Regional Engagement

Andy Duley, Ian Rowe, (Yorkshire Universities), Sue Cooke, Ian Sharp (Khemeia Consulting)

Animal Research

What it takes to conduct animal research -  Khawar Abbas, University Veterinary Officer; Janet  Holt, Senior Business Manager, School of Medicine; Mihaela Lorger, Leeds Institute of Cancer & Pathology; Ronaldo Ichiyama, School of Biomedical Sciences

Facilitating Research Development

Rachel Wooley, Sue Hayton, Lorna Colquhoun (Head of Research Development, University of Bristol)

Library Support for Researchers

Dr Stella Butler, University Librarian

Social Media

Harnessing the power of social media in research -  Neil Morris, Ged Hall, Kirsten Thompson, Becky Malby

Good People Management Practices

Demonstrating good people ganagement Practices in research - Helen Wells, Maria Pervaiz, Dr Jane Cahill, Rob Butler

Collaborative Research

Developing a culture of collaborative research -  Dr Peter Culmer, Dr Jasjit Singh, Dr James Stark

MRC Programme Grants

Looking at how Leeds can improve its share of MRC funding - Dr Odette Dewhurst, Clare Skinner, Prof Jennifer Kirkham