RIS Legal – introduction and team members

What RIS Legal does and how we can help you

The RIS Legal Team is the in-house team that advises on contractual matters for non-standard contracts. You can check whether your funder is one of the University's Standard Approved funders (i.e. their funding terms are in principle acceptable to the University) by following the appropriate link to the left of this page.

Team members' details are provided towards the end of this page.

The RIS Legal Team works within the remit of the University's Research and Innovation Contract Procedure in delivering its services to the academic community. A summary of those services includes:

  • reviewing non-standard funder terms and conditions to ensure they are consistent with University policies and are fair and reasonable in relation to the associated cost recovery;
  • helping safeguard the University's financial and intellectual sustainability, i.e. monitoring its freedom to publish results, protecting its intellectual property appropriately and sharing in the benefits arising out of commercially valuable results of research;
  • ensuring researchers and Faculty-based research staff are aware of, and understand, the obligations placed on them by the contractual terms of a grant;
  • providing expert advice on and negotiation of non-standard research grants, including by identifying the risks involved and recommending solutions;
  • dealing with all non-standard research related contracts such as confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, collaboration and/or consortium agreements, studentship agreements with industrial partners (both CASE and non-CASE), memoranda of understanding, strategic partnership agreements, academic licences and subcontracts, clinical trial agreements and EU-funded Horizon 2020 Consortium Agreements;
  • keeping records of contracts the Team deals with and keeping progress reports on these.  This also involves sending reminders as appropriate in order to conclude contracts;
  • working closely with the Commercialisation Services Team in the preparation and negotiation of commercialisation-related agreements and documentation for spin out companies;
  • assisting Faculty Finance Offices in delivering consultancy projects;
  • advising on the Public Benefit Test (PBT), and provide the data for all Freedom of Information Act research requests when required;
  • providing a periodic review of Standard Approved research terms and conditions, communicating changes to Faculty-based research staff where necessary;
  • providing initial assistance where a contractual dispute arises. Please note that we are not responsible for checking that parties to a contract comply with a contract once it has been signed. This is the responsibility of staff actively engaged on the relevant project. 

The RIS Legal Team also arranges the signature/acceptance of non-standard contracts in the majority of cases where the University's Scheme of Delegation requires a RIS signatory to sign a document on the University's behalf.

Please note that in some instances a more local Faculty-based or theme-based member of staff may work with you to produce and finalise straight-forward contracts. This is detailed in the University's Research and Innovation Contract Procedure.

The team:

Stephen Griffiths
Solicitor and Head of Contracts

Lorraine Bate


Lorraine Bate
Senior Contracts Manager l.bate@leeds.ac.uk




Frances Cameron
Senior Contracts Manager f.v.cameron@leeds.ac.uk

Katherine Mapp


Katherine Mapp
Contracts Manager k.n.mapp@leeds.ac.uk





Karen Ogier
Contracts Manager k.ogier@leeds.ac.uk 



Helen Dixon
Contracts Manager h.l.stringer@leeds.ac.uk




Rebecca Sellers
Contracts Manager R.Sellers@leeds.ac.uk

Chris Regan
Contracts Manager C.Regan@leeds.ac.uk

Rosemary Walker
Contracts Officer R.D.Walker@leeds.ac.uk