Follow-on Funding

Most UK research councils offer Follow-on Funding in order to help bridge the funding gap between traditional research grants and commercial funding by supporting very early stage research outputs to be turned into a commercial opportunity.  Usually, after completing the follow-on work, the research outputs should be in a much stronger position to secure support from venture capital or seed funds to turn the outputs into a business.

Follow-on funding typically provide around £100k for up to 12 months support to develop the commercial potential of a concept and establish both commercial feasibility and scientific/technical merit through a complementary mix of both technical and business development activities.  

Typically proposals must demonstrate a strong commercial focus and not be predominantly concerned with overcoming technical obstacles or extending the original research. Eligible follow-on funding activities might include proving the existence of a market to assess the commercial viability of a project, assessing the intellectual property position and development of a prototype.

Research councils that provide follow-on funding are BBSRC, AHRC, NERC and ESRC.

Follow-on funding for EPSRC research should be accessed through the University’s Impact Acceleration Account.

Further information is available from:

Individual research councils

Your Faculty Research & Innovation Office.

Members of the Innovation team within RIS.

Follow on funds