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KRISTAL and QlikView

Introductory courses are available for new starters. The Introductory QlikView course is especially useful for faculty finance staff who require a clear picture of research finance.  

To attend an introductory QlikView course, you must be set up as a QlikView user BEFORE the session so that you can log straight on as 'you' in the training room.  Please contact your Faculty Research & Innovation Manager who can help you to do this.

Advanced workshops are aimed at staff who are using or QlikView, but need help and advice in specific areas. Delegates are asked to submit questions or topics in advance to ensure the session is tailor-made to meet their needs.  

When you book onto one of the workshops, be sure to email your workshop topic(s) to Clive Gray,, RIS. Please contact Clive if you're not sure about what might suit you.

Places on the introductory and advanced courses can be booked via the online search engine

Additional online resources are available at

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