Notes and slides from courses attended

This page contains a library of useful material, such as slides arising from courses attended by colleagues, or notes of overseas visits. If you have attended a course or workshop, or have anything else you would like to share with the wider community, please email your documents to George Paterson, RIS, and he will post it as a link below.

If you wish to use material more widely than for your local reference, please check with the author first.  Moreover, if the material clearly originates from a third party, eg ARMA or another University, please check copyright regulations with RIS first. 

Action Learning Set (ALS) Facilitation Training - visit to Leeds by Kirsty Elderton, 3D Coaching - November 2014

American Society of Research Administrators' (SRA) Annual Conference, San Diego, October 2014 - Presentation by staff at the University of Bristol on Impact in the Humanities  

RCUK Roadshows - 'Research Outcomes Collection' - October 2014

UoL - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Round Table visit, Anoushka Kulikowski - August 2014

UoL - China Visit re Colour Chemistry - Louise Heery, July 2014 

ARMA - 2014 Annual Conference - Blackpool - Kathy Brownridge, Jenni Stergiou and others.  Slide presentations: Tuesday, 10th June; and Wednesday, 11th June

Listed here is a compendium of events, conferences, short courses etc, spanning the period from approximately summer 2013 to summer 2014.  Whilst not pretending to be exhaustive, the list is wide-ranging.  Note that in order to access the ARMA PPTs, you need to be logged on as an ARMA member.   

UKRIO - 2014 Annual Conference - London - Jennifer Blaikie, May 2014

UKRIO - Horizon 2020 - London, May 2014

CAURA Webinar - 'Hit the Ground Running' - from Canada, April 2014

ARMA Event - Measuring Research Performance - Leeds, February 2014

Westminster Briefing - Research Ethics and Integrity, London, February 2014

AREC Annual Conference, November 2013 - Ethical Research Publications: Whose Responsibility is it? 

AUA Yorkshire & NE Conference - Personal Development & Networking - York, November 2013

H2020: State-of-Play as of October 2013

Fundamentals of Research Administration

Finance in FP7 - Cambridge, March 2013

Marie Curie Initial Training Network: Project Coordinators' Meeting - Brussels, March 2013

Research Councils