International Research Collaboration Awards

***The IRCA scheme is suspended for 2017-18***

Value of International Networks and Collaborations - 2015 report (pdf)

The International Research Collaboration Awards (IRCA) provide seed/pump-priming of up to £15,000 from an annual fund of up to £200,000. The primary aim of these University awards is to enable longer-term, sustainable, international partnerships based on research.

Collaborations with a focus on global challenges that foster interdisciplinary research are particularly welcome; they should align with faculty research strategy and external funding agency priorities. Applications that incorporate a mobility component for early career researchers and postgraduate students are also encouraged. 

Interested applicants should first contact Louise Heery, International Networks & Collaborations Manager at

Case study videos

Professor David Hogg - the value of international research collaborations

Ruth Holliday (Sociology & Social Policy) - award 2006/2007

Julia Newton-Bishop/Paul Affleck (LICAP) -  award 2010/2011

Stephen Muir (Music) - award 2012/2013

Matthew Boswell (English) - award 2013/2014

Helen Elsey (Leeds Institute of Health Sciences) - award 2013/2014

Lindsay Stringer/Claire Quinn (Earth & Environment) - 2013/2014

Melvin Hoare (Physics) - award 2005/2006

Miller Alonso Camargo-Valero (Civil Engineering)