Researcher Mobility Awards

Researcher Mobility Awards encourage personal and academic development of individuals, primarily early in their research careers, to equip them with the skills needed for future international academic success. The programme allows scholars to advance their knowledge-base within their field of study, establish new contacts and mentors, and enhance their graduate dissertations through the experience gained in studying in other research cultures.

There are two application rounds a year at Leeds for these awards, with deadlines of 15th November and 15th March (or the next working day if these dates fall on a weekend). For more information on the 2017 round, including guidelines and an application form, please see the following link: RMA supporting documents

Case study videos

Dr Chunfei Wu & Dr Jude Onwudili (Engineering) - University of Sydney

Dr Stephen Muir (Music) - University of Cape Town

Say Burgin (History) - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Reem El-Gendy (Leeds Dental Institute) - Nanjing University

Andrew Gunn, (POLIS) -  University of Auckland

Fabio Camargo (Mechanical Engineering) - University of Western Australia

Nicholas Loubere (East Asian Studies) - Zhejiang University

Professor Theo Raynor (School of Healthcare) - University of Sydney