Health Innovation Challenge Fund

This is a themed ‘proof on concept’ fund designed to stimulate the development and uptake of innovative products, technologies and interventions for the benefit of patients in the NHS and other healthcare systems.  It is funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health.  The Health Innovation Challenge Fund is positioned as a translational funding scheme to accelerate the clinical application of projects that are well advanced along the development pathway.

Applicants must plan to take their research outputs (product, technology or intervention) to a stage at which it is sufficiently developed to be attractive to:

  • commercial organisations (e.g. venture capital funds and corporate bodies) for follow-on development and taking the product to market;
  • not-for-profit organisations (e.g. the National Institute of Health Research) that can offer expertise and resources to assist with the evaluation and development of products;
  • healthcare providers (e.g. the NHS), if the product is ready for procurement and adoption.

Proposals must include a commercial strategy that takes into account the regulatory pathway, IP management, commercial barriers, health economics and routes to market.

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In addition to the Health Innovation Challenge Fund the Wellcome Trust also have Translation Awards (for applied R&D projects that address an unmet need in healthcare), Seeding Drug Discovery (facilitating early-stage small-molecule drug discovery), Strategic Translation Awards (invited applications for applied R&D projects that are close to existing Wellcome Trust interests), R&D for Affordable Healthcare in India (developing safe, effective and affordable healthcare products for India) and Pathfinder Awards (academic-industry funding to develop early-stage applied R&D in orphan and neglected disease areas).  

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Health innovation fund