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This section provides links to a wide range of University and funder policies and guidelines concerned with important aspects of good research practice, ethics and ethical review.  These documents have been organised into areas of interest. 

Environmental impact 

This is defined as a risk that may result in, or contribute to, a detrimental impact upon the physical environment above and beyond that which might be expected to occur during the course of day to day life. E.g. excludes travel/ transportation to research site, but includes projects which involve mining and mineral extraction, deforestation or the collection of samples from protected sites.

Complying with legislation

In some cases ethical review may be a legal requirement.  Projects such as this include projects involving

  • Drugs or medicines (regardless of whether they are licensed)
  • GM materials
  • Medical devices (including creams, ointments, bandages, prosthetics or artificial joints)
  • Adults lacking the capacity to consent for themselves
  • NHS patients, staff, facilities, premises, data or tissue
  • Some food/ herbal supplements/other substances. 


For further information refer to the Relevant Legislation section of this website. 

University of Leeds Research Ethics Policy

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