What happens after submission?

Every funder is different, but typically your written proposal will be passed to experienced academic reviewers who will digest your application thoroughly, score it according to guidelines provided by the funder, and provide written feedback to guide the funder in deciding whether it should be funded.

Reviews are usually anonymised.  The reviewers themselves don’t normally take the final decision on whether to fund the proposal but their assessments are highly influential in determining the outcome.

Many funders feed back the reviews to applicants; these can include the text of reviewers’ comments, the scores assigned to the individual elements of proposal, and their overall grading of the application.

PI response

After the reviews, the funder may offer you the opportunity to respond; for example, if the reviewers have any questions or queries; or to seek your point of view in relation to any perceived criticisms.

Some funders require applicants to attend a formal interview to discuss their proposal, once their written application has been anonymously reviewed.

If you are invited to interview it is strongly recommended that you undertake a mock interview at Leeds with panel members who have experience in taking part in funder interview panels and/or securing funding via the scheme in question.

RIS can organise mock panels on behalf of applicants and hold a library of questions specific to each funder and type of funding scheme to help your prepare as comprehensively as possible.

Please contact Tim Nadin in the first instance if you are invited to interview.