Institutionally coordinated opportunities

Many funding calls issued by funding organisations are restricted.  For example, the applying institution may only be permitted to submit a maximum number of applications, or proposals must align with certain research areas.  Normally where such rules apply the Research and Innovation Service will manage Leeds’s response to the call by designing and running a selection process to ensure that the restrictions of the funder are adhered to and that the application(s) from Leeds are the very strongest they can be.

Processes can include:

  • Outline or 'expressions of interest' stages, with a selected number chosen by an internal panel to proceed to a full application
  • Workshops to assist applicants with developing applications to certain schemes or to pitch their early ideas to colleagues
  • Review of proposals to ensure fit with the call and eligibility of the applicant(s)
  • Networking events to enable researchers to build teams
  • Support of the chosen applicant(s) including advice on proposal development and peer review of the final draft

Examples of institutionally managed calls include