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Resources and tips

There are many resources available in the University and online to help you prepare your application for research funding.

Research Impact Resources

The Research Impact Resource pages offer support for research impact.

The pages provide guidance and materials to help envision, plan and evidence impact, as well as include it in grant applications.

UKRI’s Excellence with Impact pages also include specific guidance on how to approach impact sections of the application.

Data Management Plans

Comprehensive guidance and other information about data management is available. This includes University policies, examples, templates and other resources for creating a Data Management Plan.

You can also find  support for applications from the Research Data Management Team and contact details.

Examples of successful applications

If you would find it useful to view examples of successful previous applications that PIs have agreed can be shared, please contact a member of the Research and Innovation Development team.

Workshop and seminar videos

Recordings of workshops and training sessions for developing grant and fellowship applications are available. These cover a range of funders and provide tailored and generic advice from information on grant schemes, to grant writing tips and moving through to post submission support including how to respond to reviewers comments.

These are available on the UK Research Development Team MS Stream (access for University of Leeds staff and students only)

Good practice and avoiding common mistakes


  • Check whether there are any internal processes in place for the call.
  • In refining your idea and planning a proposal, use our 6 Key Questions.
  • Think carefully about both the amount of funding available and how much can realistically be achieved within this – is the idea you have feasible given the time and resources available?


  • Avoid using the passive tense and overly long sentences and paragraphs to improve readability.
  • Use the 'Guide for Applicants' and 'Assessment Criteria' for the call in question (including any suggested headings) to structure your document and ensure you address all of the key points against which you will be reviewed.
  • Take advantage of the internal academic peer review available within your school and the wider University, draw on the support of the Research and Innovation Development team for advice and review, and allow enough time to make revisions following feedback.
  • If you are planning a larger project or programme, use our Guide for Governance and Risk Management as a prompt for designing the most appropriate management and advisory structures.

Useful information for research applications

Useful information for research applications page is maintained by Research Operations team and is updated on a regular basis.

Resources and templates for specific schemes/calls

The links below are to Sharepoint information pages and only accessible to UoL staff and students.