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Organisational Development and Professional Learning offer a range of provision for all staff involved in and supporting research.

Through our workshops, bespoke sessions, individual review and feedback we support researchers, funding applications, research impact and ethics.

If you are new to funding, our provision introduces you to the funding landscape and prepares you to submit your first proposal. We also offer a workshop to help you determine if you are ready to apply for a fellowship.

For those with more experience, we support the submission of fellowship applications and larger funding bids. We aim to ensure your proposal clearly shows the potential of the project and the team.

Research impact

Our support for research impact is aimed at both research active and professional staff. There are three interlinked workshops to help you design impact into a research project from the beginning rather than it being a bolt-on. This Sway describes the workshops in more detail.

We also offer an additional workshop for professional staff working in the post-award phase.

If you are struggling for time to attend face to face sessions, we have a selection of self-study resources for impact in grant applications (and impact related resources that aren’t specifically for the grant writing process).

Once you are funded there are workshops on various routes to impact (policy, commercialisation, etc) as well as our impact coaching (longitudinal support to help you actually achieve impact).

Research ethics

Our research ethics provision offers expert advice and guidance to staff and postgraduate researchers. We offer a range of short workshops on the ethical issues in research programmes and individual drop-in sessions in addition to online resources.

We aim to enable you to develop the skills and knowledge to be reflective and also to think creatively about the ethical problems that may arise in your research.

Further details of the workshops and support we offer are available here.

If you have any questions about the above or our ‘research development’ in general, including our bespoke provision and feedback, please contact us at: