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This section provides links to and descriptions of systems and resources that you need to apply for and manage research and innovation awards.

University systems


KRISTAL facilitates the costing and pricing of applications, streamlines award set up and maintenance, and allows investigators to access information on budget spending on a near real-time basis.

It handles EU and Marie Curie awards and some EKT awards; all existing research grants and contracts were migrated to the new system. For authorisation to access KRISTAL contact your FRIO.

2. QlikView

Research reports are delivered through QlikView, the University’s preferred solution for delivering reports. For authorisation to access QlikView contact your FRIO. For QlikView report definitions click here.


An add-on to KRISTAL, SOLAR is used to log and monitor University research contracts within the RIS Legal team. Access to SOLAR is maintained through the SAP Account Management website (SAM).

Existing KRISTAL roles automatically give access to SOLAR so you should already have access if you work in a Faculty Research Office, or are a project manager, or an academic on a grant or part of RIS.

If you are in any other role and need access to SOLAR only, contact Research Operations.

4. SAP

The University runs most of its business systems using SAP ERP Software. This system is used for processing research grants, together with all their related data and associated transactions.

5. Shared drive

To make it easier to exchange data between the RIS and the FRIOs, a shared drive has been created. Access to this area is controlled through your ISS logon.

If you wish to have access, your Faculty Research Manager must request this from the Research Operations team.

6. SiriusWeb

This internet-based staff costs calculator has been developed to assist anyone within the HEI sector involved in costing a new appointment, research administration processes or the regular preparation of annual budgets.

For a chosen grade, it will calculate the full employment costs, including the employer’s pension and national insurance contributions, increments and pay awards for a specific contract duration.

7. Sirius2

A system for calculating staff costs, Sirius 2 produces estimates of the total cost of employment for actual identifiable University of Leeds staff. The data comes directly from SAP and is updated once a week.

Sirius 2 complements the SiriusWeb staff costs calculator. Both perform similar functions, but Sirius 2 uses real staff details to produce its estimated costs whereas SiriusWeb just costs for salary points within a scale.

External online submission systems

A growing number of funders require applications to be submitted using their online submission systems. To use these systems investigators must have created a registered account.

1. Research Councils

Joint Electronic Submission System (Je-S) is the portal for the Research Councils’ joint electronic submissions service, and is used by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC and STFC as well as the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).  It can be used to:

•    create proposals to be sent to the Councils
•    peer review proposals submitted to the Councils
•    submit reports for ongoing grants made by the Councils
Investigators must have a full Je-S account in order to be named as a Principle Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator (Co-I) on an application.

2.  Royal Society

Flexi-Grant enables users to apply for, and manage, Royal Society grants and awards on-line.

3.  Charities

The online submission systems used by the following funders can be accessed from these links.

•    Alzheimer's Research UK
•    Alzheimer’s Society
•    Versus Arthritis
•    Breast Cancer Now
•    British Academy
•    British Heart Foundation
•    Cancer Research UK
•    Diabetes UK
•    Kidney Research UK 
•    Leverhulme Trust 
•    Marie Curie
•    Multiple Sclerosis Society
•    National Institute for Health Research (CCFRMS)
•    National Institute for Health Research (NTSCC)
•    Parkinson's UK
•    Prostate Cancer UK
•    Wellcome Trust
•    Worldwide Cancer Research