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Commercialisation Team

If you have research results which you think have commercial potential, get in touch with a member of the opportunity development team for your faculty:

Dr Mattia Scalabrin

Commercialisation Manager for:

  • Faculty of Biological Sciences
  • Faculty of Medicine & Health




Harry Kingston

Commercialisation Manager for:

  • Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences
  • Faculty of Environment

You can also contact our general Commercialisation team inbox at

Completing a ‘disclosure’ form is a great starting point and will help us support you and your opportunity. These forms can be found via the following links:

Academic Disclosure Form_Engineering and Physical Sciences

Academic Disclosure Form_Life Sciences

Please download the correct version of the above form, complete it and send to your faculty commercialisation manager, copying in

Fast Licensing Academic Disclosure Form v0.3

Please complete the above form for opportunities that would be a good fit for our express licensing platform.