Innovation Development – Contacts

The Innovation Development team supports academics to engage in innovation activity, ranging from initial research translation projects through to larger-scale, multiple-partner collaborations.

We are a group of highly experienced individuals with backgrounds in industry, research and innovation funding.

Our team includes industry-facing Research & Innovation Development Managers (RIDMs) who work with academics at all career stages to raise awareness of available innovation funding and to maximise the opportunities for innovation arising from their research.

We also provide dedicated, specialist support for Translational Funding schemes and KTP, as well as intelligence, advice and support for academics wishing to apply for Innovate UK grants or for Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund projects.

For further information, please see the Innovation Funding page, or contact a member of the Innovation Development team.

Steph Morris
Head of Innovation Development

Tel: 07752 165011

  • Leadership of Innovation Development team;
  • Strategic oversight of translational funding programmes;
  • Analysis, benchmarking and insight relating to University of Leeds’ performance as an ‘innovation active’ institution;
  • Intelligence on national innovation policy and major UK innovation funding opportunities;
  • Intelligence on regional industrial strategy and sub-national innovation funding opportunities.

Dr Kate Langton
Astbury Centre Research & Innovation Development Manager


  • Development of Research & Innovation opportunities with academics within the Astbury Centre;
  • Support for funding proposals for multi-user, interdisciplinary projects;
  • Development of translational opportunities for early stage commercial projects;
  • Industry engagement for projects within the Astbury Centre, including the Industry Advisory Board;
  • Support for the development and delivery of impact plans for funding proposals.

John Parkin
Industrial Strategy Manager

Tel: 0113 34 32169

  • Intelligence on Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) approach, challenges areas, and models;
  • Intelligence on funding opportunities from Innovate UK and other funders via the Innovation Funding Service;
  • Support for high value proposals to ISCF competitions, including partnership workshops and advice on funder priorities;
  • Support for Business Engagement activities, especially around how available UK funding streams can support research and innovation partnerships;
  • Management of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) support service.

Dr Phil Waywell
Research and Innovation Development Manager
Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA)

Tel: 0113 34 32893

  • Member of the LIDA Senior Management Team, with responsibility for Research and Innovation Development and Partner Engagement;
  • Intelligence on funding opportunities relating to data-driven research and innovation;
  • Development of data-driven research and innovation proposals to a wide range of funders, including: UKRI; NIHR; and Wellcome Trust;
  • Leadership of the institute’s marketing and communication activities relating to research and innovation.

Trevor Lambourne
Research & Innovation Development Manager

Tel: 0113 3432792

  • Provides R&I support for the faculty of EPS (Schools of Chemistry, Maths and Physics), and the faculty of Environment’s School of Food Science and Nutrition;
  • Intelligence and assistance on company collaborations for Research & Innovation (R&I);
  • Development of any industrial collaboration opportunities for R&I activities, including company consulting, analytical services, short collaborative R&I projects and larger funded Innovate UK  programmes , including consortia building and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP);
  • Development of proposals for the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund  (ISCF), including consortia building;
  • Development of proposals to the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and the international Newton Fund programme, including consortia building;
  • Development of internal funding proposals for either IAA or STFC programmes.

Dr John Stanford
Research and Innovation Development Manager

Tel: 0113 34 32402

  • R&I support for FEPS academics with focus on Chemical Engineering;
  • Support for development and management of industry facing collaborations, including EPSRC, Strength in Places and Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund;
  • Support for EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account and Innovate UK applications.

Blessing Mukonoweshuro
Innovation Development Officer

Tel: 0113 34 32168

  • First point of contact for academics across all university faculties and external organisations and university academics regarding the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme, (including the recently launched Management KTP (MKTP) scheme;
  • Guidance on KTP eligibility for external organisations, including advice on other models of innovation funding, including Innovate UK;
  • Working closely with regional and national bodies such as the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), to facilitate establishment of new partnerships between academics and external organisations;
  • Development of proposals for the KTP and MKTP scheme, including managing the process from idea generation, scoping and final submission.

Ruth Rayner
Innovation Support Officer (Operational Management)

Tel: 0113 343 3518

  • Programme Manager for EPSRC and STFC Impact Acceleration Accounts;
  • Pre and Post-Award support for financial management of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Marjorie Boissinot
Translational Partnership Officer

Tel: 0113 34 32598

  • Wellcome Trust institutional Partnership Award;
  • Engaging with eligible Wellcome Trust Funded Academics at the University of Leeds;
  • Supporting academics at all stages: from the application process, and navigating challenges throughout the life of the award, to providing help with follow on plans;
  • Providing training opportunities aimed at imbedding translation of research outputs within the academic community at Leeds;
  • Acting as the point of contact for the Wellcome Trust to monitor and report on the success of the award and the impact on the translational research culture at Leeds.

James Hartford
Innovation Support Coordinator

Tel: 0113 34 30928

  • Post-award support for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs);
  • KTP Associate recruitment and support;
  • KTP case studies;
  • First point of contact for allocated company and academic partners while KTP projects are running.

Sophie Quaile
Innovation Support Assistant


  • Post-award support for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs);
  • Pre and Post-Award support for financial management of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships;
  • KTP information management and operations;
  • First point of contact for allocated company and academic partners while KTP projects are running.