Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Janet Mackintosh
Faculty Research Manager
3.22 Chemistry
Tel: 0113 343 5191
Email: J.E.Z.Mackintosh@leeds.ac.uk

Clair Webster
Deputy Faculty Research Manager
Tel: 0113 343 6149
Email: C.Webster@leeds.ac.uk

Mobilisation and Consultancy

General Mobilisation and Consultancy enquiries: FEPSconsultancy@leeds.ac.uk

Peter Hill
Tel: 0113 343 8983
Email: P.R.Hill@leeds.ac.uk

Research Support Assistant

Tegwen Esterhuyse
Email: T.Esterhuyse@leeds.ac.uk


General pre-award enquiries: FEPSapps@leeds.ac.uk

Rachel Robinson 
Team Leader
Tel: 0113 343 7680
Email: R.A.Robinson@leeds.ac.uk

Julie Marsey-Parmenter
Tel: 0113 343 1147
Email: J.Marsey-Parmenter@leeds.ac.uk

Jonathan Mills
Email: J.J.Mills@leeds.ac.uk

Carole Duncombe (Wednesday to Friday)
Email: C.Duncombe@leeds.ac.uk

Catherine Sagar
Tel: 0113 343 4683
Email: C.Sagar@leeds.ac.uk



General post-award enquiries: FEPSpostaward@leeds.ac.uk

Quentin Birkinshaw
Team Leader
Tel: 0113-34-37306
Email: Q.G.Birkinshaw@leeds.ac.uk

Nicholas Dillon
Tel: 0113 343 8452
Email: N.Dillon@leeds.ac.uk

Paul McCormack 
Tel: 0113 343 2322
Email: P.J.McCormack@leeds.ac.uk

Rajesh Rathore
Tel: 0113 343 8984
Email: R.S.Rathore@leeds.ac.uk

Toni Duxbury
Email: T.J.Duxbury@leeds.ac.uk

Alan Jackson
Email: A.D.Jackson@leeds.ac.uk

Tom Swift
Email: T.Swift@leeds.ac.uk