Leeds University Business School

General enquiries: Research.LUBS@leeds.ac.uk

Sarah Shaw
Faculty Research Manager (Available Mon to Thurs)
Tel: 0113 343 7016
Email: S.Shaw@lubs.leeds.ac.uk

Eleanor Allaker
Research Finance Officer (Post-Award)
Tel: 0113 343 8149
Email: E.F.Allaker@lubs.leeds.ac.uk

Liam Irwin
Research Support Officer (Pre-Award)
Tel: 0113 343 2614
Email: L.D.Irwin@lubs.leeds.ac.uk

Kwame Olongo
Research Support Officer (Pre-Award, Post-Award)
Email G.Olongo@leeds.ac.uk

Charlotte Stephenson
Research Facilitator
Tel: 0113 343 9147
Email: C.A.Stephenson@leeds.ac.uk  

Joanne Garrick
Research Support Officer (Training and Development) (Available Tues to Fri)
Tel: 0113 343 4355
Email: J.E.Garrick@lubs.leeds.ac.uk 

Hannah Preston
Research Support Officer (Communications) (Available Mon to Wed)
Tel: 0113 343 8754
Email: H.Preston@leeds.ac.uk 

Natasha Francis
Research Office Support Assistant
Email: N.L.Francis@leeds.ac.uk 

Kathryn Watson
Research Impact Manager
Tel: 0113 343 4356
Email: K.J.Watson@leeds.ac.uk 

Grace Carter
Impact and Engagement Officer
Email: G.M.Bird@leeds.ac.uk 

Karolina Jachowicz-Dudek
Impact and Engagement Officer (Available Tues to Fri)
Tel: 0113 343 2940
Email: K.Jachowiczdudek@leeds.ac.uk  

Kathryn Nandra
Impact and Engagement Officer
Email: K.Nandra@leeds.ac.uk 

Visit the LUBS Research Office website (accessible to LUBS staff only)