Post Brexit Environment and UK Association

The UK officially left the EU on 1 January 2021, following signature of the EU-UK trade and cooperation agreement (Brexit deal). This agreement sets out the terms of the future EU and UK relationship.

Horizon 2020 projects

Although Horizon 2020 has ended, some projects funded in its lifetime could continue up to 2025-26. It is therefore important to note that Brexit will not affect the funding of UK partners in live projects. The UK remained a Member State up to the end of 2020, thus all UK partners in live projects will receive funding as normal for the full duration of their project.

Horizon Europe – UK to become an Associated Country

The UK is no longer a Member State but will now participate as an Associated Country. This means that the UK will pay into the Horizon Europe Programme and enjoy the same participation rights as a Member State.

The UK is well-positioned as the terms of association are already agreed in Protocol 1 to the Brexit Deal, meaning that association should be a formality rather than a negotiation. However, Horizon Europe has become victim to opther post-Brexit politics and as a result this association is delayed. The current state of play is summarised in a presentation and slides on our Events page and an evolving FAQ document.

As the intention is still to associate, UK applicants will be eligible for all HEu calls even when a funding deadline precedes the signing of the association agreement. If an award is made before official Association, the UKRI Guarantee Fund will cover the budget of UK applicants.

For further information about Horizon Europe, please consult our Horizon Europe page.

UK Participation in other EU Funding Programmes

Draft Protocol I of the Joint Declaration on Participation in Union Programmes states that the UK may also participate in:

  • Joint Research Centre (JRC) activities
  • European Partnerships in the form of Article 185 and 187 (Joint Programming)
  • The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)
  • European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERICs)
  • European Research Area Committee (ERAC)
  • Euratom Research & Training (R&T) Programme 2021-2025.

Turing scheme to replace Erasmus +

The UK will no longer participate in the next Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027). As a replacement scheme, the UK Government has announced the new Turing scheme. This scheme is managed by the International Office and further details can be found here.

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