EU funding opportunities

*Update 29th June 2021*

  • There are no calls left that can be applied for under Horizon 2020.
    The next calls that can be applied for are under the next EU framework programme Horizon Europe (2021-2027).
  • Most of the Work programmes for Horizon Europe have now been published.
  • The EC has confirmed that the UK will be able to take part in the first Horizon Europe calls, before UK association is signed. For further information on the next EU framework programme and UK participation, as well as upcoming calls, please consult our Horizon Europe page.
  • Information on EU funding opportunities (and related support) on our website will soon be updated, please contact us if you have any queries.


EU funding accounts for around 15% of the University’s Research and Innovation (R&I) income. We have an excellent track record with over 230 awarded projects, including 94 Fellowships and 24 collaborative projects as Coordinator (Lead Partner).

The EU Team in RIS is the centralised focal point for support with EU R&I Funding. We can help you to:

  • identify the right opportunity
  • break down calls to show what you need to address
  • source tools and links to help with your application

Once funded, we assist with setting up the award and play an active role in the legal, admin and financial management of the project. We also manage processes and disseminate information relating to the effect of Brexit on EU R&I funding.

Faculty Research and Innovation Offices can assist with costing and budgeting whilst R&I Development Managers (RIDMs) may provide additional support with large, Leeds-coordinated grants.

EU Funding

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the largest ever EU Funding Programme for research and innovation (R&I) with a budget of nearly €80 billion.

H2020 provides a wide range of funding opportunities which are organised in sub-programmes. Please note the terms of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement allow continued UK participation in Horizon 2020 (as if a Member State) until the end of the programme (2020).

In addition to H2020, the EU funds Joint Programmes Initiatives as well as other funding programmes such as COST and IMI2.

Horizon Europe, the next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme, will succeed H2020 and be launched on 1 January 2021.

Support services for EU Funding

The EU team can provide you with information and support both pre- and post- award for any H2020 funding but focusses particularly on a bespoke support for five strategic areas:

Please consult our EU Team brochure for more information on the schemes and the support available.

For any general queries, contact us at For all the latest news and updates, subscribe to our EU Team Newsletter and our Twitter feed: EUFunding@Leeds.