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Submitting an EU proposal

All Horizon Europe proposals must be submitted electronically using the EU Funding and Tenders Portal. The coordinator for the project will create and manage the online submission.

For all EU proposals, please add the EU Team as a contact person with full access rights. This will enable us to access your draft proposal and assist you with the proposal submission process.

Please contact us if you need any help setting up the proposal on the portal. The EU team can provide you with full administrative support.

Key information for your submission

Before creating a draft proposal on the EU Funding and Tenders Portal, you will need:

  • to login to the EU Funding and Tenders portal (or register to get an ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) username and password if you are not already registered)
  • University of Leeds PIC code: 999975426
  • University of Leeds shortname: UNIVLEEDS
  • the other beneficiaries’ PIC codes (if there are other beneficiaries on the project)

How do I submit my proposal on the portal?

For a step-by-step guide to submitting your proposal, please see the Proposal Submission Service User Manual.

A brief overview of the process can also be found in the Online Manual for electronic submission.

Following submission, you can re-edit, download or withdraw your proposal before the deadline.

You can submit your application as many times as you need up to the call deadline. You will receive a confirmation email each time you resubmit your application.

Please note that deadlines are 5pm CET which is 4pm UK time (GMT)!