Applications for IAA funding must meet the following criteria:

Project remit:

  1. All projects will be exclusively focused on accelerating the delivery of impact from EPSRC funded research (including the full range of EPSRC supported research activities).
  2. Awards are not for the continuation of existing research, bridge-funding nor to keep research officers/assistants employed beyond the term of their contracts. Applications should focus on the development of impact activities and outputs not research itself.
  3. The project should have the potential to deliver economic, environmental and/or societal benefit to UK organisations or citizens outside academia.

Applicant eligibility:

  1. The lead academic should be an academic member of staff employed by the University of Leeds.

External partners:

  1. BE and KTS IAA support is particularly aimed at getting new/early relationships started; BE/ KTS applications must demonstrate that either:
      • the academic PI is new to working with external partners; and/or
      • the external partner has not worked with the University of Leeds before; or
      • the project will create a step-change in the relationship with an existing partner.
  2. Projects with external partners with no UK presence are eligible providing that the project can demonstrate clear delivery of a net benefit to the UK.
  3. The external partner must be committed to supporting the applicant with the expertise/ personnel/ infrastructure necessary to develop the project. This commitment should be articulated in a letter of support from the partner submitted with the application.
  4. Other Universities can also be co-applicants to IAA bids but alone do not constitute external partners for the purposes of the IAA. Co-funding from the other HE institutions is expected where they are involved in any application; this may take the form of co-funding with another IAA where relevant.


  1. Secondments outside the UK are eligible however all external partners should have a significant presence in the UK, eg manufacturing and/or R&D base and should be able to deliver benefit to the UK. Secondments with external partners with no UK presence will be considered subject to meeting eligibility criteria f.

Ineligible activities:

  1. Fundamental research.
  2. Consultancy
  3. Top-up funding for pre-existing projects.
  4. Generic engagement programmes with industry and general public that are out of IAA scope.