Wellcome Trust Translational Partnership Award

To build on our portfolio of biomedical research funding and to complement successful later stage translational programmes that already exist in the University, we have developed a targeted approach that will enable effective early stage translation and amplify the potential for longer-term impact from research in the University of Leeds.

Objectives of the award:

  • To establish early stage technical and commercial feasibility in promising areas of discovery science and technology development, and support the development of these projects so that they can access the range of later stage translational opportunities that are available
  • To extend and embed more fully a culture of translation across the University, sharing best practice and targeting researchers at key career stages and in areas typically focussed on earlier stage development

Funding can be requested under four different headings:

Proof of Feasibility

This will support projects of up to 12 months aiming at delivering the early stages between basic research and translation in areas of unmet need.  For example, in supporting the development of research outputs to the stage of the first collaboration with an industrial and or clinical partner. At the end of the project, clear steps should have been put in place to move to a closer translational partnership.

Clinical and non-commercial

This will enable clinical engagement to bring clinical perspectives into early stage scoping of opportunities, analysis and assessment of unmet medical needs, consideration of the regulatory environment, and input from patient groups as appropriate.

Business consultancy

Funding is available to provide additional advice on projects and developmental pathways. Consultancy fees either from new and/or existing industrial partners can be requested to bring external independent perspectives on aspects of biomedical research and its application in industry, clinical and patient needs, specific market intelligence and regulatory advice.

Biomedical research translation program

To more fully embed an effective biomedical translation culture in the University, we are working with other innovation development colleagues in the University to develop a biomedical research translation program.

There are two aspects to the program:

  • Firstly, to promote and direct relevant academic staff towards relevant existing translational activities at the University of Leeds (OD&PL, GrowMedTech, P2D,…) and build on this portfolio with new sessions.
  • Secondly, to provide tailored opportunities for translational training. For example, by supporting placements and exchanges of eligible academics or members of their groups with industrial partners, visits from businesses to academic units, attendance to relevant translational activities held outside of Leeds University.

Assessment criteria

Projects must be in the early phase of translation. A clear pathway to impact will be requested to demonstrate the area of unmet need, originality of the project and benefit to patients in the short and longer term.

Help, guidance and award process

For more information and guidance on how to apply, please contact Dr Marjorie Boissinot, Translational Partnership Officer: m.boissinot@leeds.ac.uk

Calls will be held quarterly with deadlines in March, June, Sept and December.

Applications will be assessed by a multidisciplinary panel with the aim of reaching a final decision within one month of application deadline.