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Non-research contracts

The University handles a large range of different contracts dealt with by a number of offices across campus.  This page sets out the respective responsibilities for such contracting services at the University between RIS Contracts, and other central contracting offices such as, Central Procurement Services, the RIS Commercialisation Team and Secretariat Legal Services.

  • The RIS Contracts Team deals with those which are research and innovation-related only. If you are in any doubt about where to direct your query, please contact the RIS Contracts Team.
  • Central Procurements Services manage stand-alone purchasing agreements;
  • RIS Commercialisation identify, protect and manage the University’s intellectual property and related agreements;
  • Secretariat Legal Services supports a wider range of contractual matters such as corporate, governance, teaching, training, events. IT, continued professional development and undergraduate student related matters.

N.B. If you are looking for the University’s standard terms for Non-Disclosure and Material Transfer agreements, you can find the details and related downloads for MTAs here and for NDAs here