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Project set up

Congratulations on winning your award!

Now we need to run through a checklist of tasks which will enable you to speed up the process of mobilising the team from across the University who will help you get started on your research. For most of these issues, check with your Faculty Research and Innovation Office  who will go through a start-up process with you.

Procurement - will you need to purchase goods or services from a supplier who isn't already registered with the University? It can take 3 weeks to set up a new vendor - longer if they are based overseas.

Cross-faculty projects - [tba]

Matched funding - be clear as to how the full project cost is going to be funded. If matched funding is required establish whether it is from the school, the faculty or the University and get clear commitment for that.

Personnel - re-establish your links with HR from your application to get recruitment process going. Clarify details of overseas workings required for your project. Clarify guidelines for recruitment of visiting researchers.

Contracts - be clear on who your funders, sponsors, partners, sub-contractors(vendors), collaborators will be so that the FRIO and RIS Contracts team can set up contracts for them using CTER forms.

Conflict of Interest - Confirm any COI relationships (which may have changed since you reviewed this at application stage).

Risk Review - All research projects must undergo a risk review assessment which documents potential risks and established any need for Due Diligence.

Due Diligence - certain projects (GCRF, UKRI, High Risk countries and some other funders) require us to perform due diligence on our partners to assure them that the funding is less likely to be mis-spent. Check with your FRIO for details.