IRIS is the Institutional Research and Impact System.  It has been developed by IT TS&D on behalf of RIS and builds on the success of the Submission Planner designed by the same team to support the University’s 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission.

A separate IRIS module has been developed to support the compilation, review, validation and submission of the University’s submissions to REF2021.

brief guide (staff only) is available for new users.  It describes the system, how to access it, where the information in IRIS comes from and what to do if you come across information you believe is incorrect.  Information about how to change access(staff only), obtain training or make suggestions for future developments is also given.

Accessing IRIS

The IRIS system is accessible at

All staff in academic or research roles (classified in the SAP HR system as “ACAD” or “RESE”) automatically have access to IRIS.

Users with this basic role can view their own information (only) in IRIS, can nominate outputs for review and record and edit examples of impact.  An editable Annual Academic Meeting report can be downloaded, pre-filled with some information from IRIS.

Additional administrator roles cover the operation of the internal outputs review process (including the creation of reviewers), the University Annual (external) Outputs Review and the management of impact records.  In addition Heads of School, for example, have access to information for all staff in their School.


For general queries about IRIS, access, training and suggestions for future developments please contact

Technical issues should be reported via the normal IT processes.