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University ethical review

NB: From 04/07/2022 all new ethics submissions and amendment submissions to the AREA FREC should be submitted through the Electronic Ethics Review Management System (Infonetica). For details please refer to the AREA specific guidance page.

The University ethical review process is normally completed within six working weeks. If at all possible, try to avoid submitting applications during the summer months when committee members are away.

Which application form to use?

Applications should be submitted via email. Each committee has its own mailbox.

If you have any questions about the review process please contact a member of the Research Ethics team via the relevant mailbox above.


Tips for speeding up the review process

  • Answer all the questions on the application form.
  • Sign the form. Electronic signatures are acceptable or alternatively you could email a scanned PDF of the signed form.
  • If you are a student, one of your supervisors needs to check and sign the form before it is submitted.
  • Include any relevant supporting material with your application (e.g. participant information sheet, consent form, recruitment poster).
  • Complete the applicant checklist.

Externally funded research

For externally funded project ethical review is usually undertaken once funding has been secured but before a project starts. Ethical review can be arranged at the application stage if your funder requires this. KRISTAL should be updated accordingly.


We are always keen to know how you think we are performing as a service. If we are doing well, or you have any complaints about the service, please do let us know by emailing Suggestions for improvement are also welcome.