Designated Officials

Review of the SFI Disclosures to determine whether they constitute a Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI), i.e. The SFI could be affected by the NIH (or PHS) funded research, or is a entity whose financial interest could be affected by the NiH–funded research

The NIH (and PHS) regulation requires that an institution has Designated Official(s) that is/are responsible for reviewing and developing and implementing plans to manage Financial Conflict of Interest.  The Designated Official for Leeds University is

Stephen Griffiths (Commercialisation Solicitor)

Telephone : +44 (0) 113 34 30904

Email e:

The responsibilities of the Designated Official are:

  • If occurring during the course of an ongoing NIH funded project, that the Review is carried out within 60 days, or any deadline set by the lead applicant (where Leeds is in receipt of a sub agreement)
  • If required, development and implementation of Management Plans to control identified FCOIs. Examples of action that can be taken to manage FCOI can be found here in Section 50.605 (a) Management of Financial Conflicts of Interest
  • Undertaking retrospective reviews in the event that an Investigator fails to comply with NIH FCOI policy and development of a management plan if required.