Research Excellence Framework (REF)

The Research Excellence Framework (REF) is an assessment of the research in UK higher education institutions carried out by the national higher education funding bodies.  The outcome of the REF informs the allocation of quality research related funding (‘QR’).  It contributes to the accountability for public funding and demonstrates the benefits of public investment in research and impact.


Research ethics

Research at the University of Leeds is conducted according to the principles of academic excellence, community, integrity, inclusiveness and professionalism.

The University has a responsibility to ensure that all researchers and research organisations it supports have rigorously considered any ethics implications arising from the research design, methodology, conduct, dissemination, and the archiving, future use, sharing and linkage of the data produced.


Research integrity

Researchers have an obligation to ensure that research is conducted with integrity and sensitivity. They must ensure that at all times they observe high standards of academic conduct and integrity and are aware of the consequences of failure to observe the University’s requirements.


Responsible metrics

The University of Leeds recognises the value of all research outputs and contributions to research from across the disciplines and career stages . We are a signatory of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).  We support DORA’s encouragement for considering all forms of research outputs, in the assessment of any research project in order to support the best decision-making. We also support the view that the value of any research lies in the knowledge it generates not the publication metrics or the identity of the journal in which it is published.

University of Leeds Statement in Support of Responsible Metrics

Open Research

 In the context of a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative research culture, open research practices strive for collaborative working, sharing and openness throughout the entire research cycle to enable transparency, reproducibility, and the reduction of inequalities.  The University of Leeds is a values-driven university committed to fostering open research to achieve our mission to advance knowledge, transform lives and shape a better future for our communities, our region, and the world. 

Open Research Statement

Publications Policy

The University of Leeds produces research of world-class quality. In alignment with our Research Culture statement we are committed to ensuring that the outputs of our research are freely accessible to maximise the potential for economic, social and cultural impact. 

University of Leeds Publication Policy