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Resources for Project Partners

The below resources provide key information for external partners working with the University of Leeds on research grants.

Pre-Application Information for Partners

Pre-Application Information for Partners document aims to provide potential research partners with important information and expectations about the financial rules and processes that the University of Leeds and its funders, require all partners to work to. If you have any questions or problems in regards to any of the information provided in this document, or this document indicates that you need to make us aware of any information for your organisation, please get in touch with your research contact at the University of Leeds at the earliest possible opportunity.

Due Diligence questionnaire

As part of the grant setup process, you may be asked to answer some questions from this Due Diligence questionnaire. This link takes you to the full questionnaire but you may not necessarily be asked to complete all the questions. The Faculty Research and Innovation Office you are working with will send a copy of the questionnaire with the questions you need to complete.

Claims Information for Partners

When claiming for funds on a research grant, there are some things to be aware of in terms of the process, timings of payments and evidence we may ask for to backup the claims. The Claims Information for Partners provides more details about these topics.

When making a claim, we require a Statement of Expenditure to be sent to us with details of the costs that have been incurred. If you do not have one, then the Faculty Research and Innovation Office you are in contact with can provide you with a template.

Expenditure evidence

When making a claim for funds, we also require backup documents such as receipts and invoices to be provided with the claim. There are a number of options available to provide the necessary backup documents. There are also some types of documents we will not be able to accept. This table gives more details about the options available.