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Managing Live Awards


KRISTAL QlikView is the main reporting tool for managing grants, and it contains a suite of tailored reports for the PI and Faculty Research and Innovation Office to support grant management. For more information on the reports available within QlikView, see the relevant section on the SharePoint page.
Each month, you will receive a link to MyGrants report. This report is designed to help you manage your grant portfolio. It consists of two elements:
•Research Grant Activity Summary – a list of your open grants and current applications
•Budget Snapshot Report – an overview of budget and expenditure for a selected grant.

Project management and closures

The Principal Investigator (PI) on the grant has overall responsibility for the grant even if the grant has been split across other schools or institutions. PI’s responsibilities include:

  • management of the project within the terms and conditions of their funding and in line with associated University’s policies;
  • adherence to Funder reporting requirements;
  • timely communication of significant project changes/developments.

Even though the Faculty Research and Innovation Office provides most of the day-to-day grant management functions to support this, the accountability for compliance ultimately remains with the PI.
As PI, you need to review the financial position of the grant and project milestones regularly; and at least on a 6 monthly basis conduct a formal budget review with the Faculty Research and Innovation Office. This should be documented on the project file.
Further information on financial management of grants is available on the SharePoint page.

Record keeping and timesheets

Where required, time records for staff working on the project should be kept and all project deliverables as specified by the sponsor terms and conditions must be strictly adhered to.  All documents related to managing the award must be stored in the project file.

Staff timesheet requirements:

UK Research Councils (UKRI)
Timesheets need to be completed by directly incurred (DI) staff working less than 100% of their time on a UKRI project.
UKRI timesheet templete
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Timesheets must be completed by those not working 100% on the project: those working 100% on the project are not required to complete timesheets provided it is clear from their contract/job description that they work full time on the project.
NIH timesheet templete
European Commision (EU)
All staff (DI and DA) working on an award, whether 100% or less than 100% should complete timesheets.
Detailed overview of timesheet requirements, including a timesheet template, is available here.


There are several different types of audits which are carried out on research grants. Research Operations team coordinates audits activity across a number of funding providers. Further information on audits is available on the SharePoint page.