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The Research and Innovation Service (RIS) Contracts Team works with academic, faculty and other RIS staff to deliver contractual support for research-related contracts.

This includes:

  • drafting
  • reviewing
  • negotiating
  • arranging for approval of a variety of agreement types (eg collaboration agreements, data sharing agreements, subcontracts or amendments to existing agreements)

Contracts can be with a range of partners including other UK universities, international institutions, companies, charities or government departments.

The University requires written contracts for research and innovation to set out the intentions and obligations of the parties involved. Contracts ensure compliance with legislation and University policies, protect the interests of the University and its staff, and are often required by the partners we work with.

Contracts may be based on University standard templates, drafted for a bespoke situation or be provided by a funder or collaborator.

The time taken to finalise a contract varies greatly depending on the complexity of the project, and number and nature of partners involved. It is important that the RIS Contracts Team is engaged in good time so that a contract can be concluded before a research project begins.

More information on expected timescales and responses times from the RIS Contracts Team. We will also need certain information from you to determine what sort of contract is required or whether a proposed agreement is suitable, in the form of the Contracts Team Engagement Request (CTER) form.

The RIS Contracts Team deals with research-related contracts across all schools, faculties and institutes at Leeds. Find the relevant contacts in your area. For non-research contracts, appropriate contacts can be found here.