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Standard research

The Contracts team has designated a list of funders whose terms can be classed as standard approved (Standard Approved Funders).

These terms align to the University’s charitable and social aims and have been reviewed and are pre-approved by the Contracts team.

These are funders and schemes regularly awarded to the University and the list is accompanied by details of any key contractual terms that applicants should be aware of when deciding whether to apply for funding from these sources.

Applications and awards for Standard Approved Funders to the value of £2 million sterling can be administered by the relevant Faculty Research and Innovation Office (FRIO) without involvement from the RIS Contracts Team, provided the terms are unamended from the pre-approved provisions.

Please contact your FRIO to progress your application or award and source  accurate costing information.

Any contract (i) with a value exceeding £2 million sterling, (ii) which does not appear on the Standard Approved Funders list or (iii) has terms which deviate from the Standard Approved Funders’ terms, must be reviewed and approved by the Contracts team.

In addition, any agreement relating to an EU grant must be centrally approved by the EU Funding Team within RIS.

Once your award has been accepted on behalf of the University, the Contracts team can assist in drafting any collaborative agreement required.

Find out how to engage the Contracts team and the information we’ll need from you.

If you are unsure whether any collaborative agreement is required, please contact the relevant RIS Contracts Team contact for your area.

Standard Approved Funder terms and conditions

The RIS Contracts Team are currently working to update the list of standard approved funders and this page will be updated as soon as possible.

The previous standard approved funder details can be found here, along with a summary of terms where available.

Please make sure to check that the award terms for your grant are based on the same version of terms which have been previously reviewed and summarised by the RIS Contracts Team. Funders regularly update their grant terms and conditions and the summary provided may relate to a previous version. If there are any inconsistencies between the summary of terms and the terms of your award, please get in touch with the relevant RIS Contracts Team member who will review your award terms. Please note, any new funding terms need to be reviewed by the RIS Contracts Team and confirmed as "standard approved" and should not be accepted on behalf of the University until this process has been carried out.