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Licensing considerations

What is licensing?

Licensing is the equivalent of ‘renting out’ the University’s IP. It allows a third party to develop and commercialise the technology under certain conditions (e.g. payment of royalties) but the University retains legal ownership of the IP.

 What are the advantages of licensing?

Licensing of University IP to companies already operating in the market is often the best way to maximise impact from both our research and commercial returns.

Potential licensees are likely to have a very good understanding of both the technical field and the market opportunities for the technology.

They are also likely to have the commercial, regulatory and technical expertise - as well as the resources necessary to develop and commercialise the technology most efficiently-; to generate the best impact from University research.

Licensing considerations

Securing a strong licence deal for early stage technologies with a good partner is often challenging.

If licensing is the optimal commercialisation route, the Commercialisation team will work with you to undertake a thorough assessment of the technology’s value to build viable and attractive business cases that are needed to attract a quality licensing partner.