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Impact and evaluation

PE is linked to impact.

PE is a vehicle, a process, that can lead to change. For knowledge, ideas and publications to influence someone or something, a connection must be made with an audience. This relationship must be established (engagement) to stand a chance that some things might change (impact).

When planning your PE, start with the type of impacts you are aiming for and work your way backwards to design activities that will lead and contribute to the outcomes.

A number of impact-related resources available in the Engaged Research Microsoft Team. Our colleagues inĀ OD&PL have more impact resources.


To assess whether the outcomes have been achieved, it is sensible to collect quantitative and qualitative data of relevant indicators or proxies (=evaluation). Not only can the results help to promote learning, they will also constitute relevant evidence for impact.

Steps to take:

  • what would you like to achieve with the PE activity? -> identify objectives
  • what can count as evidence that you have achieved your objective? -> identify sources of evidence and measures
  • devise a process of collecting evidence
  • be honest with the results and learn

More evaluation resources areĀ available in the Engaged Research Microsoft Team

Please, always feel free to approach us and we will do our best to help you.