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People development

Explore our diverse public engagement training options aimed at building your confidence and ability in delivering activities fit for your audience.

Our courses are led by industry experts, ensuring you acquire the highest skill level.

We strive to nurture exceptional public engagement practitioners who uphold best practices in their work.

What can you do?

Associates – Join our Associates programme and participate in six training sessions throughout the academic year. These sessions are designed for researchers at any stage in their public engagement journey. Applications open in September 2024.

Fellowship – Unlock your potential with our year-long Fellowship programme. This concentrated program is designed to support researchers in developing their skill set. Applications open in September 2024.

Engaged Research Team – Your go-to source for everything related to engaged research, managed by our dedicated colleagues across the University.

PEPnet – Connect with peers in the field and share best practices in engagement with research at our online meetings.

Engaged Research SharePoint – A valuable resource space where you can find information on delivering various forms of engaged research.

Symplectic Elements – Don't forget to document your public engagement work through Symplectic. It's essential for tracking your progress and impact.


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