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Awards funded by Innovate UK via the IFS

Innovate UK’s Innovation Funding System (IFS) is being used to manage all Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) applied for under the UKRI guarantee fund.

As these are multi-beneficiary projects, the status of  the University of Leeds  has to be changed from ‘beneficiary’ to ‘associated partner’ before an application can be made to UKRI. The University of Leeds will therefore still be part of the project consortium but will receive their funding from UKRI (managed by Innovate UK) instead.

The EU post award team and the Faculty Research and Innovation Offices (FRIOs)  will continue to provide support and guidance for the underwrite awards funded through IFS. For these awards, Horizon Europe terms and conditions continue to apply, even though the funding is coming from UKRI.

Guidance is available supporting the various policies and processes regarding:

  • Applying for UKRI funding via IFS (following continued non-association)
  • Award Set up
  • Eligibility of costs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Amendments
  • Closures