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Consortium and Partnership Agreements

Consortium Agreement (CA)

All consortium-based projects (with the exception of ERC grants) require a Consortium Agreement (CA).  The beneficiaries (those signing the Grant Agreement) need to negotiate the arrangements of their collaboration and agree the content of the CA. In most cases, the CA is signed before the signature of the Grant Agreement. However, for MSCA Doctoral Networks, the beneficiaries must sign the CA by month 2 of the project.

The Project Coordinator leads the entire negotiation process, from preparing and sending the draft Consortium Agreement for review, to its full signature.

Partnership Agreement (PA) (MSCA Postdoctoral Global Fellowships only)

The University of Leeds (the host organisation) and the Partner Organisation located outside the EU (Third Country host organisation) will sign a Partnership Agreement.

The Partnership Agreement will set out collaboration arrangements on specific points, such as:

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • budget distribution
  • employment status of the fellow

Consortium/Partnership Agreement process

The EU team manages the negotiation process for the University of Leeds as part of the Grant Agreement Preparation process. We will liaise with you (the PI), the contracts team (who prepares/reviews the agreement) and the coordinator/consortium beneficiaries.

To help us do so, please make sure to include in all email conversations.

If Leeds is the Project Coordinator, or hosting an MSCA Postdoctoral Global Fellow, we will contact you during Grant Agreement Preparation to start this negotiation process. We will put you in touch with the University's Contracts team, and consult with you in order to prepare a draft agreement. Once the draft is ready, we will send this to the other beneficiaries for their review. We will also gather responses and coordinate the signatures.

If Leeds is a beneficiary, the Project Coordinator will lead the process. They will prepare the draft Consortium Agreement for review and send it out to all beneficiaries. Our team will manage the review process, liaising with you, the Contracts team and the Project Coordinator.