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Institutional Translational Funding

The University of Leeds has access to a range of funds to support the translation of research into real-world products, services and solutions.

These funds exist to help academics deliver impact from their research by working in partnership with businesses, government bodies and other organisations.

Internal funding is available for a range of translational activities including:

  • exploring the potential for commercial products or services to be developed based on research at the University of Leeds
  • developing relationships with external partners and facilitating the adoption of new research
  • improving the flow of knowledge and skills in both directions between the University and external partners
  • developing academic awareness and understanding of translational research

Translational funds are awarded to the University from a range of funders.

To secure institutional translational funding, academics must apply through an internal competitive process.  Please visit the  following links for further information about translational funding schemes available at the University, including eligibility criteria and information about how and when to apply.

Each institutional translational funding scheme has its own specific criteria. However, the Innovation and Business Development Team provides strategic oversight to ensure consistent processes and that awards are made flexibly to enable high quality projects to be supported, drawing on multiple translational funds where appropriate.

If you have any queries about translational funding, please contact the Innovation and Business Development Team.