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Eligible costs

Applicants should provide a project costing with their proposal prepared in conjunction with their Faculty Research and Innovation Office. Successful projects will have an account set up for these costs.

Awards will only cover the direct costs associated with the project. VAT must be included in the figures as the University cannot reclaim VAT from UKRI or charity funded projects.

The following costs are not eligible to be funded through the University's translational schemes  (but could be funded by the external partner or internal fund if appropriate):

  • Academic supervision (Investigator DI or Investigator DA – see following exceptions)
  • Items of equipment with an individual value of £10,000 or more (items of equipment over £500 must be detailed in the justification of resources)
  • Laptops, i-pads etc. unless robust justification is provided
  • Undergraduate activities, core PhD costs including stipend, training, tuition or bench fees, Masters training
  • Any costs relating to Intellectual Property protection including but not limited to registering, maintaining, or supporting patents or property rights.
  • Indirect costs, estates or infrastructure


  • Where an Investigator is employed on a fixed funding/ term contract their Investigator DI costs may be funded if the external collaborator cash contribution is insufficient.
  • Where an Investigator is to be seconded to an external organisation their Investigator DI/DA costs may be funded for the period of their secondment.

Costs associated with attendance at conferences will be considered but must be detailed in the justification of resources.