International funding

Global Research Development team

The Global Research Development team provides support to develop and scale-up international research collaborations.

This includes scaling up in size and complexity, to incorporate new disciplinary perspectives into an existing collaboration, or to incorporate new countries and collaborators into a research initiative.

We support the development of global research partnerships – institution to institution – where these are driven by R&I.

Our team provides advice and guidance for the BEIS Newton Fund and the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF). This support includes the development of applications, advising on delivery partner priorities, and reviewing Official Development Assistance (ODA) statements.

In the Americas we support academics engaging in strategic R&I activity, including the development of bids to the GCRF, Newton Fund, and US Federal Funding sources.

In Asia, we support activities to enhance strategic research partnerships and networks with local world-leading research institutes and scan international funding opportunities to support research activities initiatives in the regional countries.

We scope future funding opportunities in order to ensure the long term sustainability of international research projects and have established a University Global Research Development Strategy Group to inform our strategic approach.

We manage the University’s relationship with members from the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) and a number of Anglo-Sino networks. We also manage the Cheney Fellowship Scheme to identify priority areas for future fellows.

Our team manages a number of pump priming funding streams on behalf of the University – ODA and non-ODA – so contact if you have an idea you’d like to take forward.