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ED&I and internal demand management

Putting ED&I on the agenda

We have put in place measures at the start of any UK research demand management or decision-making panel to provide an opportunity for members of the panel, or indeed the RIS representatives, to raise any issues relating to ED&I.

The first main item on the agenda for any demand management or decision-making panel is now ED&I.

Composition of internal demand management and decision-making panels

We are reviewing the composition of our demand management and decision-making panels, and we will follow good practice on representation – taking into consideration the need to balance workload and representation for underrepresented groups.

Observers to internal demand management panels

We are regularly inviting observers to attend our standing demand management panels (for ESRC and NERC responsive mode), with the opportunity particularly targeted at underrepresented groups, ECRs, or those who might feel marginalised or lack confidence in the process.

Resources for applicants

Many UK funders now expect to see a statement on equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in funding applications, and questions on ED&I are regularly included in panel interviews. we have produced this ED&I for grant applicants sway document to help you: