Email networks

Email networks are used to send out information to researchers about new research funding calls, together with internal processes and deadlines for managed schemes and fellowships.

There are nine networks. Membership is based around faculties and schools – but anyone with a relevant research interest is welcome to join any network, and you may join more than one. Members are also able to advertise research seminars.

Network Areas Faculties/Schools
ARTYNET Arts & Humanities All Schools Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Cultures
CAPEMNET Physical Technologies & Computing Computing
Electronic & Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Physics & Astronomy
ENERGYNET Energy Academics with an interest in energy related matters
ENVNET Environment All Schools Faculty of Environment
Civil Engineering
ESSLNET Social Sciences All Schools Faculty of Business & Faculty of Social Sciences
LIFENET Lifesciences All Schools Faculty of Biological Sciences
MATHSNET Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics
MATNET Chemistry and Materials Science Chemistry
Chemical & Process Engineering
Food Science
MEDNET Medicine All Schools Faculty of Medicine and Health


To join one or more networks, please contact the Research & Innovation Service.