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Funders, delivery plans and strategies

The Research and Innovation Service supports applications to a range of funders, in particular:

  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the Research Councils
  • National academies such as the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Charities such as Wellcome and the Leverhulme Trust
  • Arms length government bodies such as the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR)

If you are preparing an application for any of these funders and have a question, please contact

Find out more about the UK Funder Strategy Groups who meet to discuss how to engage with, and coordinate activity related to, the University’s main UK research funders.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Operating across the whole of the UK with a combined budget of more than £7 billion, UKRI brings together the seven Research Councils, Innovate UK and Research England.

UKRI works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and government to create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish.

UKRI aims to maximise the contribution of each of its component parts, working individually and collectively, and with their many partners to benefit everyone through knowledge, talent and ideas.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

AHRC funds world-class, independent researchers in a wide range of subjects. Their research provides social and cultural benefits and contributes to the economic success of the UK but also to the culture and welfare of societies around the globe.

Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)

BBSRC invests in world-class bioscience research and training. Their research is helping society to meet major challenges, including food security, green energy and healthier, longer lives and underpinning important UK economic sectors, such as farming, food, industrial biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

ESRC is the UK's largest funder of research on the social and economic questions facing us today. Their research shapes public policy and contributes to making the economy more competitive, as well as giving people a better understanding of 21st century society.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)

EPSRC invests in world-leading research and postgraduate training across the engineering and physical sciences. Their research builds the knowledge and skills base needed to address scientific and technological challenges and provides a platform for future UK prosperity by contributing to a healthy, connected, resilient, productive nation.

Medical Research Council (MRC):

MRC is at the forefront of scientific discovery to improve human health. Their scientists tackle some of the greatest health problems facing humanity in the 21st century, from the rising tide of chronic diseases associated with ageing to the threats posed by rapidly mutating micro-organisms.

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

NERC is the driving force of investment in environmental science. Their leading research, skills and infrastructure help solve major issues and bring benefits to the UK, such as affordable clean energy, air pollution, and resilience of our infrastructure.

Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

STFC is a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation. Their research seeks to understand the Universe from the largest astronomical scales to the tiniest constituents of matter, yet creates impact on a very tangible, human scale.

Leverhulme Trust

The Trust seeks to fund outstanding scholarship, while maintaining a distinctive role within the research funding landscape. The Trust does not work within a disciplinary framework, and they particularly welcome proposals that are not bound by conventional disciplinary understandings.


Wellcome support researchers, take on big health challenges, campaign for better science, and help everyone get involved with science and health research.

Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng)

RAEng brings together the most successful and talented engineers from across the profession – their Fellows – to advance and promote excellence in engineering for the benefit of society.

RAEng has three strategic priorities: make the UK the leading nation for engineering innovation and businesses, address the engineering skills crisis, and position engineering at the heart of society.

Royal Society

The Royal Society provides a range of grant schemes to support the UK scientific community and foster collaboration between UK based and overseas scientists.  Through its Research Fellowships and funding programmes, the Society works in partnership with universities and industry to support excellent scientists.

National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

NIHR fund, enable and deliver world-leading health and social care research that improves people’s health and wellbeing, and promotes economic growth.

NIHR’s mission is to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research, by providing funding for research studies as well as academic training, career development and research capability development.